Los Angeles IT Support: The Need to Beef Up Your Business’s Cybersecurity In The Age Of COVID-19

Los Angeles IT Support: The Need to Beef Up Your Business’s Cybersecurity In The Age Of COVID-19

The World Health Organization has reported a five-fold increase in cyberattacks directed at their staff since the COVID-19 outbreak. Deloitte reports of a general spike in phishing attacks and other social engineering scams worldwide. Microsoft reports that by March, the attack volumes were nearly one million per day across the globe.

These statistics point to the fact that cybersecurity is probably the last thing on the mind for business leaders in the current ongoing pandemic. Los Angeles IT support providers help take care of this front and can help keep your business safe even as you focus on safety, recovery, and continuity.

Steps to Ensure Resilience and Security During COVID-19

Redesign incident response plans to reflect the changes in current operating standards

Your IT department’s backups, monitoring, scanning, and patch management strategies are probably non-existent with remote working. Both business and IT teams are operating in new environments with different mindsets. Vulnerabilities have changed, and incidents that would be a lesser threat are now big issues, posing problems for effective response.

The right COVID-19 security challenges response strategies need new teams and roles based on who has access to what equipment. You need a fresh look and mapping of your security assets and new threats and vulnerabilities. Working with Los Angeles IT support professionals can bolster your response capabilities in the unpredictable remote working environment.

Re-emphasize a culture of awareness

The new spike in social engineering scams since the pandemic started means that everyone needs to be vigilant. Do your teams understand the types of social engineering scams going around? Do they understand the security risk inherent in their home environment or public WiFi?

A single instance of failure to update passwords, for instance, could be all that COVID-19 cybercriminals need to access and exploit company information. Sending out weekly reminders and cybersecurity education via email could help to attain the hyper-vigilant culture needed now. It can help employees understand the nature of attacks and how to report suspicious attempts on their systems.

Improve monitoring and visibility in the new scaled environment

The major challenge with a distributed workforce is an expanded security environment. Monitoring and visibility have to be readjusted to match the altered operating landscape. It helps to work with IT professionals to help you track network access and system logs regardless of location.

The monitoring will not only help to bolster your security controls and minimize the risk of breaches, but can also significantly boost the performance of your systems.

COVID-19 has brought about massive changes in the security landscape. These are not just organizational, but can also stem from the supply chain. Now more than ever, businesses need to strengthen control, improve monitoring, and achieve a hyper-vigilant culture.

At Vitalpoints, we understand your COVID-19 security challenges and the pressure that you are currently facing. We provide both remote and on-site security solutions. For more information, feel free to reach out to our Los Angeles IT support team.