How IT Support Can Help Secure Your Company’s Future

How IT Support Can Help Secure Your Company’s Future

Did you know that cyber-attacks doubled in number between 2018 and 2019? The number of digital attacks will likely continue to increase in the years ahead. A large part of what makes modern-day businesses so vulnerable is their reliance on the internet and enhanced mobility. Our IT support team is here to help protect your company. Follow the tips detailed below and you will have done your part to safeguard your operations against cyber-attacks.

Create and Enforce a Strong Password Policy

Every single employee in your organization should use complex passwords and change them at least once every couple of financial quarters. Passwords must include special characters, upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers. Each character adds that much more time to the time hackers need to figure out the password. Ideally, the passwords your team uses will be 15-20 characters or more.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication makes it that much more difficult for evil-doers on the web to obtain access to your network. In short, two-factor authentication is a second credential, typically in the form of a credential transmitted to an employee’s phone that must be provided to enter the site. This way, if a hacker steals an employee’s password, that in and of itself will not be enough to access the site. IT support professionals can help you set up two-factor authentication.

Remove Employees’ Local Administrator Rights

Eliminate employees’ local administrator rights on their CPUs and there won’t be as much of a risk of them clicking malicious links in emails or websites. The risk is reduced as the chances of executing/downloading the harmful component are minimized.

Limit the Discovery of Personal Information on the Web

Conduct a search for your full name and the company you work for. You just might find your information on several different websites. In particular, it is likely you will find your email address. If you find such information, request that it be removed. It is best to view your social media accounts as similar to your LinkedIn profile in that your information should be restricted to those who are known and trusted.

Isolate the Backups

Your company’s backups should be isolated from the network. When a cyber-attack occurs, it is meant to cross the entirety of your company’s network. Ransomware will try to encrypt all connected devices and information including the backups. Isolate the backups, and you will be able to restore your data should such an attack occur.

Our IT support team at Vitalpoints can help secure your future and provide you with a competitive advantage. Contact us now to find out more about our services.