Los Angeles IT Services: Advantages of Using Office 365 for Business

Los Angeles IT Services: Advantages of Using Office 365 for Business

Shifting into cloud-based systems, such as Office 365, clearly has several benefits. While this system might not be suitable for everyone, working with Los Angeles IT services experts assure businesses of enjoying the benefits of Office 365. Following are the benefits your enterprise can enjoy by adopting Office 365.

Work Anywhere

As mentioned, Office 365 is a cloud-based platform. This means that users can access and work from anywhere, provided they have a reliable internet connection. Users can access Office programs, emails, and files from any location using any device. This is beneficial for companies adopting remote working models or with employees based in different locations. They don’t need to travel or physically visit your offices to access essential data.

Robust Security Features

Cyber threats are among the main challenges facing cloud-based systems. However, working with Los Angeles IT services experts can help you leverage the security and reliability features of Office 365 to secure your vital data. This means that you can securely store all your data on the cloud, eliminating the costs of purchasing expensive hardware in your server rooms.

Depending on your Office 365 plan of choice, some of the built-in security features include:

  • Encrypted Email – through encryption, only the intended recipients can read your emails.
  • Data Loss Prevention – with the effective Microsoft Data Loss Prevention Policy, you can monitor, identify, and protect crucial information.
  • Mobile Device Management – the adoption of the BYOD working model has increased the vulnerability of data loss through smartphones. However, this feature enables your IT team to control connected mobile devices used by your employees.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics – reliable threat analysis makes it possible to detect and raise alerts of suspicious activities within your network. For instance, it automatically scans emails for malicious links or attachments.

Other Office 365 security features, such as Exchange Online Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Threat Management, among others, keep your data secure.

Easy Collaboration

Businesses whose employees rely on working in teams also benefit greatly from Office 365. All employees required to contribute to editing a specific document, presentation, or spreadsheet can work on the same version and receive real-time notifications of the changes. This eliminates the possibility of using multiple versions that can lead to confusion amongst employees. Users can view updated edits to know what has been changed, added, or removed immediately.

Working with Los Angeles IT services experts can help your business enjoy the benefits of Office 365. The platform helps businesses looking to enhance their collaborative abilities, boost productivity, and maximize data security. At Vitalpoints, we provide reliable solutions for your IT problems. Contact us now to know more about our services.