Maximize the ROI of Security Tools with the Assistance of our IT Services Team

Maximize the ROI of Security Tools with the Assistance of our IT Services Team

The latest 2020 Cost of Data Breach report conducted by IBM states what most business owners and managers already know about digital security in the 21st century— data breaches are extremely costly. It is quite possible a data breach will set your business back several million dollars. What matters most is that you minimize the time necessary to pinpoint the breach, contain the problem, and take the proper action. Our IT services crew is here to lend essential assistance. Let’s take a look at the approaches and tools that provide the best ROI in accordance with the IBM report referenced above.

Vulnerability Management

Pinpointing cybersecurity vulnerabilities and taking the appropriate action is essential to safeguarding your valuable information and keeping wheels of business in motion. Your business needs a vulnerability management program. Our IT professionals can help you establish such a program, ultimately minimizing the impact of a digital attack. Such a program will pinpoint weaknesses in applications, network configurations, and operating systems, empowering you to prioritize these flaws and address them as appropriate.

Stress Preparedness

Preparation is the name of the game. Prepare for the inevitable data breach, and you will have a head start. Preparedness should focus on training your team for data breach incidents, maintaining business continuity, and ongoing employee education.

Managed Security Services Will Help

There is no shame in admitting you need help with digital protection. Our IT services team is here to provide invaluable guidance. The bottom line is digital security is becoming increasingly complex. Lean on our team and we will help you stay up to date with all the latest protections. Augment your staff with the assistance of the experts, and you will drastically reduce the cost of data breaches.

Recognize the Importance of Red Team Exercises

Conducting live adversarial tests of the data environment is of the utmost importance. These tests make it that much easier to identify weaknesses that might not be revealed by an automated scanner. Though red team exercises require the proper personnel, expertise, and time to prove effective, they are well worth it. It is quite possible your red team testing will decrease the cost of a data breach by several hundred thousands of dollars.

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