Ways to Prevent Insider Recruiting, and How Los Angeles IT Services Experts Can Help

Ways to Prevent Insider Recruiting, and How Los Angeles IT Services Experts Can Help

What Is Insider Recruiting?

Los Angeles IT services professionals can protect you from tech threats that are external, and many that are internal; but imagine if you've got an unknowing traitor in your midst. That's insider recruiting.

Sometimes the individual who is part of your staff isn't aware they're providing access to unscrupulous third parties, sometimes they are. Regardless, insider recruiting is when hackers from outside your business find some way to co-opt internal workers for data or asset access they shouldn't have. It's a big problem.

Things to Do As Security Against Insider Recruiting

Different security methods will be more or less appropriate given the particular situation defining your business. The following suggestions tend to work for the majority of businesses, but your particular operation may need to consider additional strategies. At any rate, look at the following:

  • Effective Encryption
  • Consultation Through Tech Agencies
  • Externalized Monitoring And Support
  • Development Of Procedures And Employee Training

Effective Encryption

When you secure data through encryption, that makes it harder for insider recruiting to malign or steal information. Whether individuals have been co-opted into helping bad actors consciously or unconsciously, well-rounded encryption can act as a mechanism to secure information against them. However, there are ways around this if a hacker is clever enough, so encryption alone usually isn't enough.

Consultation Through Tech Agencies

Los Angeles IT services providers can provide consultation pertaining to your specific operation. This can be key, especially if you've got a unique business model with its own idiosyncratic IT profile. Because MSPs see your business from an exterior perspective, they can additionally identify vulnerabilities you may not have considered.

Externalized Monitoring and Support

Even the best protections sometimes can't stop a dedicated hacker. However, through monitoring and support, anomalous activity can be swiftly identified and appropriately responded to.

This makes catching a hacker easier. It also makes it easier to determine the vector through which the hacker gained access. You can find the insider who has been recruited to that end and determine if they're an unconscious or willing participant in the cybercrime.

Development of Procedures and Employee Training

Training employees is important if you're going to keep them from getting sucked into an insider recruitment scheme. But the best training can't get ahead of poor security procedures which leave open vulnerabilities available for hacker exploitation. You need both training and security procedures for best security.

Securing Your Business Against Insider Recruiting and Other Threats

Vitalpoints is a Los Angeles IT services provider that can help you develop procedures to keep employees safe, train employees for best security, facilitate externalized monitoring solutions, provide top-tier consultation, and institute necessary encryption solutions. To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us.