Our IT Support Team Explains What You Exactly Need to Know About Maze Ransomware

Our IT Support Team Explains What You Exactly Need to Know About Maze Ransomware

Most business owners have squared their focus on keeping their company afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. However, ransomware, particularly Maze Ransomware, has emerged as a significant problem. Ransomware infects networks and computers, encrypting files, preventing the business personnel from accessing that information, and conducting operations as normal. Below, our IT support team explains everything you should know about Maze Ransomware.

Why Maze Ransomware Is Particularly Problematic

Maze Ransomware is in the news as it forces victims to pay a ransom even in the event that the company has reliable backups of its data. This version of ransomware exfiltrates information. The thieves behind the attack pose the threat of transmitting sensitive data if the ransom is not paid. In other words, restoring the data from backups won’t completely eliminate the problem.

The Maze Ransomware Attack Is Difficult to Prevent

The primary ways in which evildoers infect computers and networks with Maze Ransomware is through infection of the target’s IT environment. This is a brute force type of attack, sometimes including a phishing and/or email spam campaign. Furthermore, Maze Ransomware can also be implemented through vulnerabilities that have not been properly patched.

An Email Spam Filter Will Help

Our IT team recommends adding an email spam filter that flags the messages transmitted from outside of your business. This flagging reminds those who receive such messages that they should be suspicious of transmissions sent by parties outside of their overarching employer.

Employee Security Awareness Training Will Also Help

Your business is only as secure as your weakest link. Sadly, it merely takes one mistake made by an uneducated or tech-averse employee to permit Maze Ransomware to spread through the system and wreak havoc, locking up your files and network, possibly even transmitting a copy of your valuable data to competitors or simply posting it on the internet.

Aside from employee education pertaining to cybersecurity, it will also help to update and patch IT tools to remedy vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. If you are unsure how to approach such a challenge, don’t fret, our IT support team is here to help every step of the way, ultimately ensuring you maximize the investment you make in technology.

Vitalpoints Is On Your Side

Our IT support team is at your service. Whether you are concerned with your digital defenses against Maze Ransomware or face challenges resulting from the shift toward remote work during the pandemic, we’ve got your tech needs covered. Feel free to reach out to us today to find out more about how our tech specialists can help your business overcome tech hurdles and reach its potential.