Ways Los Angeles IT Support Professionals Can Help You Facilitate Remote Working

Ways Los Angeles IT Support Professionals Can Help You Facilitate Remote Working

More and more companies are letting employees work from home during the pandemic. But all the various home devices accessing a company's network creates extra security risks. Working with an experienced Los Angeles IT support team can help create a more seamless and secure system that allows for remote access. Here are some of the ways they can reduce your exposure to cybercriminals:

Update Your Software

Business managers are typically aware of the need to routinely update software, which can correct existing vulnerabilities. Your business is extremely vulnerable to hackers if you are still utilizing old systems. Working with Los Angeles IT support experts can ensure your software is regularly updated so that you don't have to worry about it.

IT professionals can advise you on whether or not your existing software is safe. Using an old operating system or web browser helps make a hacker's job easier. By outsourcing to a team of seasoned technical experts, you can get fast answers to questions about the safety of your software.

Protect Your Wi-Fi

One piece of equipment in your office that should be current is your network router. Old routers simply do not offer the protection in firmware that new routers do. Updating your router can also increase your internet speed. Your Wi-Fi network should be protected by a unique complex password, since simple or default passwords are easily cracked with hacker software.

IT experts can recommend further protections to your wireless network, such as using encryption, virtualized servers, and firewalls. The more confidential information you handle, the higher grade of security you need.

Train Employees Not to Click Suspicious Emails

A big weakness for many businesses without an IT staff or experts to turn to is they don't set strict enough policies to prevent security breaches. All it takes to compromise a business network is one deceptive email containing malware that an unsuspecting employee clicks.

IT support professionals can provide you with valuable tips on how to train employees to avoid clicking suspicious emails. One of the keys is to study the email address carefully and make sure it's not someone imitating a famous brand with a slight change in spelling. Learning how hackers prey upon businesses is essential knowledge every business should know.


An effective way to make your business more secure against hackers while enabling remote work during the pandemic is to outsource to Los Angeles IT support professionals. Working with skillful technicians can help you resolve technical problems quickly and avoid disasters. Contact us at Vitalpoints to learn more about how to make your network more secure.