Cloud Migration Botched, How Did That Happen? Why You Need Help from Los Angeles IT Services Experts

Cloud Migration Botched, How Did That Happen? Why You Need Help from Los Angeles IT Services Experts

With nearly every operation taking place in the cloud today, no business needs extra convincing to migrate to the cloud. If anything, the pandemic is shoving businesses up there regardless of their initial plans.

Unplanned cloud migration raises the concern of misconfiguration and poor optimization. Where there are cloud migration mistakes, costs can be unbearably high.

Soon after they reach the cloud, businesses encounter what they least expected: high costs, cloud-native security threats, and difficult administration.

Enlist the assistance of Los Angeles IT services experts for efficient cloud migration.

The best Los Angeles IT services companies provide hands-on cloud migration consultation for public cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP), private cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud. You can benefit from comprehensive strategies that save your company from these common mistakes:

Betting on a single cloud provider

You cannot afford to ignore the benefits of multi-cloud or hybrid deployments. Many businesses are taking the multi-cloud approach as a backup assurance for uptime and performance.

If one cloud provider’s servers go down in a multi-cloud environment, your workloads immediately failover to the second cloud provider’s servers, saving you downtime. A multi-cloud or hybrid strategy further protects you from vendor-lock in, giving you the chance to shop for the best discounts and features.

Not asking where data is stored

Once you ship your workloads to the cloud, your data is stored on servers owned by the provider. It will help if those servers are geographically distributed worldwide so that a calamity in one region doesn’t wipe out all your backups. Well distributed data centers further improve load times, reducing latency for your clients across the globe.

Before moving to the cloud, your provider should tell you where the data is stored and the security controls they employ in those locations.

Cloud migration without a business case

Don’t move to the cloud because everyone is moving. That is how costs run high soon after the migration, against a backdrop of low business value. Before the migration, analyze the costs versus benefits and the specific modernization needs of your business.

Data misconfiguration during migration

It takes in-depth experience and expertise to handle data during the migration safely. Often, the migration entails reconfiguring data for the cloud environment you are migrating to. Apps may need to be refactored, re-platformed, or rehosted. After the migration, extensive tests must be run to ensure everything is performing as expected.

Ignoring cloud security

The vendor handles many things when you move to the cloud, but security is a shared responsibility. Before, during, and after cloud migration, your migrating teams must plan for workload security. Data must be encrypted at rest and in transit, monitoring should be centralized, and backups created at every stage.

Many things could go wrong during cloud migration. That is why you need to work with experts.

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