Common Data Migration Issues Identified by Our Los Angeles IT Services Team

Common Data Migration Issues Identified by Our Los Angeles IT Services Team

Migrating information, equipment, and applications between IT environments are inherently difficult. However, our Los Angeles IT services team can help you facilitate the transition. Lean on us to solve your data migration problems and you will find the transition really is that much easier.

Compatibility Problems

Moving information and applications from one environment to the next should be fairly simple, yet it is actually quite complicated. It is possible to lift and shift certain assets, yet there will be compatibility hurdles as time progresses as a result of insufficient optimization. Altering the operating systems can lead to inaccessible files as they are no longer available in a format that can be read.

Fret not, our Los Angeles IT services team is here to lend assistance. The best data migration plans feature an assessment of the operating requirements to determine how they will be adapted. Each system requirement should be documented and monitored. Once tests are run to validate performance, the old operating system can be shut down.

Data Loss

When an abundance of information is transferred to a new location, there is a chance some of it will be lost. Certain types of data loss are especially problematic. It is possible no one will know data is lost until an application crashes. The solution is backing up data prior to moving it out of its current environment. In fact, it even makes sense to establish parallel and swing environments to guarantee essential data remains available for business continuity.

Hardware Issues

There is a chance the destination environment won’t be able to handle the data and applications migrated. Overestimating the capacity certainly leads to waste, yet you should not assume you can transfer assets to the new environment at a 1:1 ratio. The bottom line is nuances in operating environments and the unique ways in which hardware deployments use resources matter a great deal. It is in your interest to analyze legacy hardware after migration. New equipment should be analyzed to ensure it adheres to operational requirements for applications/data to be migrated.

Recognize the Potential for Confusion

Data migration issues often source back to the confusion pertaining to the migration plan, assuming one was created. Today’s technology transfers are inherently challenging. If systems and data are not properly inventoried, the effort and time necessary for relocation will be underestimated, and there will be confusion pertaining to the necessary resources. The answer is a detailed data migration plan that details the project’s goals and scope while setting a timeline for executing the plan.

Vitalpoints is on Your Side

When it comes to data migration issues, our Los Angeles IT services professionals are here to help with every type of challenge. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help with your tech challenges.