Having IT Support Can Be Your Best Means of Shadow IT Protection

Having IT Support Can Be Your Best Means of Shadow IT Protection

What Is Shadow IT?

You have to deal with a lot of different operational threats, but almost none are so pernicious or impacting as those which develop internally. Whether from user error or corporate espionage, some of the biggest dangers and blindspots of companies large or small develop internally.

Shadow IT is a substantial offender in this category. Essentially, shadow IT is anything IT systems administrators on-site haven't approved. Sometimes it's a third-party app used to complete business work, and incidentally ushering in a Trojan virus hiding in that third-party app's code. Sometimes hardware of a non-approved variety acts as a vector of vulnerability onto your network. And the best way for you to avoid it is to get IT support.

Ways to Safeguard Your Business from Shadow IT

There are certainly going to be diverse shadow IT threats to contend with. Sometimes you'll need a unique solution. Generally, though, the following moves can do much to keep the majority of your network safe:

Exercise Effectively Comprehensive Inventory

The inventory of your business should help determine if devices are of the shadow IT variety. It's harder to take inventory on software. You'll need to establish protocols that your whole team is apprised of, IT support solutions help most effectively and swiftly get the job done.

Meter Access Employees Have To The Network Based On Need

You should consider access privileges like the military as regards intelligence. A lot of information in military circles is compartmentalized based on the need of personnel. That's what data distributed on a "need to know basis" is.

This helps keep soldiers from giving away secrets incidentally. As far as access goes, only let employees who should have access to integral areas of networks be authorized.

Educate Your Team, Emphasize That Which Is Important, Refresh Them

Your personnel need to be educated pertaining to known threats, as well as potential ones. You've got to refresh training at intervals as technology is in continuous flux. Such moves help more effectively reduce the impact of Shadow IT.

MSP Support Helps You Avoid Shadow IT and Other Tech Threats

Our IT support team at Vital points can help protect your business from diverse shadow IT threats. We can help you more effectively take inventory, design access privileges, and facilitate effective education pertaining to that which is important for overall security. Keep in mind, you'll likely have to refresh such education at intervals as IT innovations shift vulnerabilities. To learn more about shadow IT, as well as many other tech threats your business is vulnerable to, and how to prevent them, don't hesitate to contact us now!