Los Angeles IT Support Experts Say Don’t Smash Your Router When Wi-Fi Is Down, Do These Things Instead

Los Angeles IT Support Experts Say Don’t Smash Your Router When Wi-Fi Is Down, Do These Things Instead

With organizations expected to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions, the pressure on Wi-Fi networks has doubled. Schools and businesses struggle to support students, staff, and clients to help with remote learning and customer service. With this increased usage, network connectivity errors have been rampant, stalling learning and essential business process. Los Angeles IT support experts can help to evaluate your network to determine what needs improvement.

Here are ways to address a spotty WiFi connection at work:

Create a BYOD policy

A Microsoft study found that 60% of individuals use personal devices in the working environment, yet just a fraction of companies have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy set up. Companies may overlook personal devices, but these significantly eat into bandwidth and can be a soft spot for cybercriminals.

Map Out Your Organization's Wi-Fi needs

Low data transmission may not be an issue for a business with a reliable ISP that allows scalability in subscriptions. For the rest of the organizations, IT must be proficient in planning for the company's future Wi-Fi needs. Los Angeles IT support experts can help you anticipate network demand surges to build solutions that assure availability and business continuity.

Add or Reposition Routers and Access Point

Ultimately, the most basic approach to boosting availability is adding switches and access points to make up for social distancing. This helps to reduce stress on the network and maximize your broadband potential. Ensure that routers are placed in distributed throughout the house. Wi-Fi antennas should be in a fully horizontal or vertical position for efficient signal distribution.

Save Bandwidth for Critical Business Applications

When everyone in an office or school is logged on to data-hungry apps like Skype, YouTube, and Zoom, the Wi-Fi is spread out too thinly. A normally fast internet connection becomes spotty and essential operations may stall. IT people can solve this by restricting access to bandwidth-intensive apps at certain times of the day and strengthening your network's security to keep strangers from stealing your bandwidth.

Buy a New Router

Outdated routers are not built for modern Wi-Fi standards. They are not built to handle multiple devices and transmit signals over a wide range. Today, many appliances, from lights to fridges, TVs, and watches, depend on WIFI, creating a problem for communication and business operations where outdated routers are used. It is advisable to buy a new router every two years to take advantage of improved capabilities.

Every organization has unique internet needs. Solutions to spotty Wi-Fi may be as quick as resetting a router or as complicated as creating and implementing a BYOD policy. We can provide you the technical support and advice you need for seamless connectivity. We are a leading Los Angeles-based IT Support firm. Contact us at Vitalpoints for efficient, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi.