Our IT Services Specialists Explain Why Android Permissions Are Potentially Dangerous

Our IT Services Specialists Explain Why Android Permissions Are Potentially Dangerous

If you are like most people, you assume Android permissions are harmless. However, those who work in IT services are well aware of the fact that such permissions have the potential to prove dangerous. Let’s take a closer look at whether Android permissions constitute a legitimate threat and what you can do.

Recognize the Potential Danger Posed by Android Permissions

Android operating systems are certainly efficient, yet they have the potential to be problematic in terms of permissions. Permissions are the principle upon which the Android system operates. Our IT services experts are not alone when stating these permissions put the security of mobile users at risk. Though such permissions safeguard data against potential exploitation, the use of such permissions has the potential to backfire.

An Example of Android Permissions Abuse

There is the potential for Android permissions to compromise the device upon which they are used. When Android permissions are granted to an application that poses a threat, the device as well as its data and resources can be compromised. As an example, if the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission is granted, the app will be allowed to show a window over other apps without notifying the user. This permission can be abused to show fraudulent ads as well as overlay windows that permit Trojans to wreak havoc.

The Privacy Problem

Aside from the potential problem detailed above, there are numerous other examples of issues that can arise from the use of Android permissions. The problem of privacy violation is particularly important. Android permissions present an opportunity for your activity to be monitored, essentially compromising your privacy.

Potential Solutions

Be careful when using apps. Apps are the most direct and easiest way for malware to breach your device. If an application must be downloaded, use Google Play to ensure scanning is performed. Be sure to check the Google Play app permissions prior to download and installation. The details and description sections will give you an idea of what to expect.

Our IT services experts at Vitalpoints are here to ensure you are not victimized by a cyber attack, Android permissions, or other digital threats. Reach out to us to find out more about our tech services and schedule an initial consultation.