Los Angeles IT Support: 3 Ways You Can Detect Unauthorized Data Access in Your Business

Los Angeles IT Support: 3 Ways You Can Detect Unauthorized Data Access in Your Business

Los Angeles IT support experts can help you detect unauthorized data access in your business. While many businesses strive to keep their data safe from unauthorized attackers, data manipulation is still a big threat. Attackers with sophisticated approaches infringe user data with tricks barely noticeable by security systems.

Methods used like phishing and clickjacking are well-planned and executed. Vulnerable points and systems loopholes might be brainstormed in an attempt to violate system data.

But these malicious activities, however unnoticeable, can be detected by well-formulated security checks for abnormal system behaviors. With this in mind, consider running your system in routine check-ups for the following cues:

1. System Log-In Difficulties

While there are other reasons for log-in issues like wrong passwords, disabled browser-cookies, or incorrect settings in the PHP session path, log-in problems are often caused by unauthorized activities on your site. Compromised systems will suspend future log-in attempts even if the log-in credentials are 100% original. This limits any future intrusion.
In a successful trespass, hackers will change these log-in data and completely lock out the original user. To limit such malicious activities, heavy layers of authentication factors are fundamental. Consider multifactor authentications like a three-to-four factor.

2. Strange System Behavior

Whenever your computer starts acting weird, certain things like malware attacks and incorrect settings might be the cause. But, according to Los Angeles IT support professionals, these are just iceberg tips. Real data threat from unauthorized users is likely the cause. Hackers might be remotely infiltrating your data through intrusion software like a Keylogger. This software keeps the keyboard sequence in computer log files. Target data like passwords and IDs are then used to infringe your system.

Whenever your system operates unusually like random cursor movements, random pop-up windows, error messages, or overworked hard drive, it’s time to consider a constant data-monitoring program; IT professionals can help you with that.

3. Poor Network Performance

Slow networks are generally common for any business. But this problem might be due to unaware intrusion. Your business might be under data violation. This is because unauthorized users tend to overload the system via outbound file transfer and traffic. Cases like this cause speed mismatch and tend to slow down the system.

Other factors like malware attacks might be the cause, but they can be solved through an effective antivirus. However, unauthorized data access cases need expert examination.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to take notice of data infringement in your business. This calls for close attention, especially monitoring your system for malware and data intrusion via clues discussed above. For better results, contact our Los Angeles IT support experts, and get your company back on track. We at Vitalpoints are ready to help you with your tech challenges!