Safeguard Your Business Against Email Attacks with the Help of IT Services Experts!

Safeguard Your Business Against Email Attacks with the Help of IT Services Experts!

Email security is also of the utmost importance. It is imperative you prepare for the inevitable email threats. Our IT services professionals can help you with this preparation so your operations can continue unimpeded.

Email Security Basics

Email has some inherent insecurities just like every other type of technology. The bottom line is email was not created with digital security squarely in mind, so it will take some work to ensure it is used without harming your business.

Email security protects email services, email accounts, and access to email. This form of security encompasses predicting threats, preventing those threats, detecting attacks, and implementing the optimal response framework. Email security is be viewed as a concept with multiple layers including the optimal security tools, comprehensive cybersecurity policies, and employee education.

Beware of Phishing, Spoofing, and Malware

Phishing involved a cyber thief transmitting email messages that seem legitimate yet are designed to pilfer valuable information such as login credentials. Spoofing attacks are centered on the generation of emails that seem legitimate yet are actually transmitted from malicious individuals. The aim is to convince the recipient to open the message and download an attachment that is infected. Malware is harmful software that communicates, harms, or accesses a device to inflict damage.

Protecting Against Email Threats

Our IT services team is here to help secure your email. As an example, we can help you block auto-forwarding of email messages. Our team can also help you implement multifactor authentication that requires a password along with another piece of information only you have access to in order to prevent evildoers from tapping into your email account and compromising your business. If you do not run phishing tests, it is time to do so. This is your opportunity to help your team recognize attempts at phishing with practice runs so they can identify those threats down the line.

Email security software is also worth considering. Secure encrypted email safeguards the content of email messages so they can’t be read by other people aside form the recipient(s). Add encryption in combination with an integrated solution for cybersecurity, and your organization will be that much better at identifying email attacks that are both simple and complex.

Our IT services professionals at Vitalpoints are here to help safeguard your email security and overarching digital security. Contact us now to find out more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.