Los Angeles IT Services: Benefits of Wireless Connections Vs. Wired Connections

Los Angeles IT Services: Benefits of Wireless Connections Vs. Wired Connections

It was not long ago when connectivity was dependent on a physical connection that joined two endpoints together. Wired connections were the sole option for companies to access web-based materials. However, times have changed. Business owners and managers are now justified in asking whether wired or wireless connections are better for their company. Below, our Los Angeles IT services team takes a look at the merits of both wireless and wired connections.

The Advantages of a Wired Connection

Wired connections have their merits in the sense that they are faster than those of the wireless variety. Speed is important both in the context of transmitting data within the network and onto the internet. This enhanced speed is accomplished with the use of an ethernet connection.

Wired connections are also advantageous in that they are comparably stable. The connection won't fail unless a cable is unplugged. This fast and consistent speed with minimal risk of outside influence is vastly superior to that provided by wireless connections. Finally, security is also a benefit of wired connections as there is a direct connection running between two network points.

Wireless Connections

Wireless connections are beneficial in that they are comparably mobile. Wireless connections empower employees to work from parts of the office and also outside of the office without connecting through traditional wires. Add in the fact that employees can work from several different devices and there is even more reason to consider relying on wireless connections for work.

Wireless connections also make it easier for clients to connect on their own devices to boot. The lack of a wired connection makes accessing the web that much more convenient. Opt for wireless, and you will have fewer cables to worry about, be empowered to work while on the go, and enjoy better communication/collaboration with your team.

What About the Hybrid Approach?

It is possible to use both wired and wireless connections at your office. This hybrid approach eliminates the weaknesses of both approaches while ensuring your business enjoys all the benefits. In the end, the decision you make hinges on your company’s unique position as well as your office’s makeup. If you are uncertain as to which approach is best for you, reach out to our Los Angeles IT services team for guidance.

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