Los Angeles IT Services: Why You Need to Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Los Angeles IT Services: Why You Need to Use Multi-Factor Authentication

For many businesses and some individuals, a key question arises: how do we protect data effectively? What are the best methods of data protection today? Multi-factor authentication is one of the best data protection methods offered by Los Angeles IT services professionals.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a proven process that protects sensitive data and prohibits unauthorized access. To avoid any data leakage and secure various online accounts, this is a simple and effective solution!

What are A2F, MFA, and 2FA?

All these names designate the same strong authentication method, which is almost inviolable. Users are required to enter not just a username and password, but also a unique code that only they possess. This authentication code is usually received in a mobile application or by SMS to the user's phone number. The two-step verification is complete when the username, password, and unique code have been entered.

The user must provide two identification factors: a first that he knows (his password), and a second that he owns (a phone that receives a code that changes every 30 seconds). The combination of these two elements makes it almost impossible for an unauthorized person to access an account.

This type of authentication helps reduce online fraud, identity theft, data disclosure, and phishing.

What Are the Most Effective and Simplest MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) Methods?

The easiest and most common way to take advantage of MFA is by using a phone number. However, Los Angeles IT services experts can help you implement extra and more sophisticated 2FA methods that offer less restrictive methods.

These approaches allow you to use another device on which the user is already logged in to authorize the connection. For example, when users try to log into their account from a new device, they automatically receive an authentication request on their smartphone. Then he has to validate with simple finger pressure.

U2F keys, a new, Ultra-Secure Method

An alternative method is starting to become known: the protection of online accounts through a U2F key. The operation is simple: instead of a code sent by SMS or generated on a mobile application, the authentication to an online account depends on a "special" USB key. They are configured to offer ultra-secure authentication to all online accounts that offer this option.

Why Is This Security System So Much More Effective?

The username and password belong to the same type of authentication factor: memory. It is only because of their very low cost and ease of implementation that passwords are still the most common form of authentication today.

With the time and resources available, a hacker can easily break into a password security system. At Vitalpoints, we have leading-edge solutions for your Los Angeles IT services requirements. Let's help you implement multi-factor authentication and similar robust controls that provide extra, virtually tamper-proof security. Contact us now!