Protect Your Business Against Cloud-Jacking with IT Support

Protect Your Business Against Cloud-Jacking with IT Support

The best IT support services can help protect your business against cloud-jacking and other data security breaches. Cloud-jacking is increasingly becoming a significant cybersecurity threat to those businesses that rely on cloud computing. This is attributed to misconfiguration which drives most of the incidents.

Cloud account hijacking or cloud-jacking happens more often when your business or personal cloud account is hijacked, stolen, or taken over by someone else (most likely an attacker). Unless you take drastic measures to prevent further security breaches, your business may suffer in the long run. Before that happens, you should apply the following tips to secure your cloud account:

Secure a Reliable Business Data Backup Plan

There is a possibility of losing vital data in the cloud migration process. You can prevent such cases by looking for a reliable business data backup plan.

Also, you may look for a security platform that will promote and implement consistency in data protection across various different cloud services. That is why you need to consider the best IT support services to allow you to distribute applications and data across multiple zones. Doing so will enhance data backup, data protection, disaster recovery, and offsite storage.

Choose Strong Passwords

You must always take passwords seriously to shield your business data against cloud-jacking. Even though most of your files may be encrypted and zipped with passwords, make sure each password is strong and hard to crack.

Passwords that contain at least eight characters, mixed-case letters, one number, and a few non-alphanumeric symbols are thought to be the most powerful. But this is not always the case given that they can easily get cracked using advanced software and hardware.

That said, you should come up with unique, distinct, and original passwords that can deter hackers easily. If possible, adopt SMS passwords, smart devices access control systems, and biometric requirements to keep your business data safe throughout.

Use of Cloud Encryption

When it comes to protecting your business data, cloud encryption plays a significant role. It transforms text and data using encryption algorithms before storing it in the cloud. This way, you can be sure of your business data security for a long time.

On the other hand, you can encrypt your business data to ensure that it is fully protected in the cloud. Once it is encrypted, make sure to keep all the keys responsible for encrypting and deciphering your information by yourself. With these keys in your protection, your information will remain safe even if it is stored in the cloud.

Final Thought

Are you worried about cloud-jacking for your business? If this is the case, then you should look for a trusted IT support provider to help you keep your business data safe and secure from cybercriminals. For more information about cloud security, don't hesitate to contact us at Vitalpoints.