Common Phishing Schemes You Must Avoid, and Why You Need Los Angeles IT Support

Common Phishing Schemes You Must Avoid, and Why You Need Los Angeles IT Support

Los Angeles IT support providers advise businesses to carefully update security best practices pertaining to phishing. As old phishing "bait" is recognized by the "phish" in the digital "pool" represented by your business, new means of stealing data are developed. These tend to trend for a while until measures overcome them and something new develops. Accordingly, you've got to stay on top of security or risk being undermined, as new phishing "bait" is out there all the time.

Los Angeles IT support experts advise a few common tactics to defer phishing. Some phishing methods that are trending represent variations on old themes, some require totally new strategies. A few you would do well to anticipate going forward include:

Phishing as a Service (PaaS)

IT professionals have noticed a trend called Phishing as a Service (PaaS). This is where one cybercriminal pays another cybercriminal for their services. Essentially, they can acquire known solutions very cheaply, then apply those solutions toward data theft. PaaS is ideal for corporate espionage, it's ideal for fraud, theft, surveillance, and many other illegal digital activities. Protecting against it often requires the latest anti-PaaS options through the right tech solution.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

IT support experts in Los Angeles additionally advise educating upper management pertaining to BEC. This is sometimes called "spear" phishing and it represents a targeted attack against higher-ups who have unique information access. This is an older phishing technique that has become refined and is still trendy today.

Deepfake Social Engineering Hacks

Social engineering hacks are plain old con jobs. Deepfake tech uses machine learning to design computer-generated imagery or voice so detailed it appears real. The current trend is using social engineering hacks in conjunction with deepfake tech. Institute policies and procedures requiring additional security measures that digital pretenders can't anticipate.

Don't Take the New Bait of Cybercriminal “Phishermen”

Los Angeles IT support experts can help you avoid modern social engineering hacks, deep fake phishing, BEC, and PaaS. Get in touch with us at Vitalpoints for more information on today's trends in phishing and the best strategies to offset them.