IT Services: Should You Use Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?

IT Services: Should You Use Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?

Since the release of Office 2013, Microsoft's Office suite is also available in the subscription version of Office 365. At Vitalpoints, we offer dedicated client-centered IT services that include migration, implementation, and technical assistance with both Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365.

Which is good for business? Microsoft Office 2019 or Office 365?

Microsoft combines the classic Office package with various online services and additional features and significantly increased storage in the OneDrive cloud or even free minutes on Skype - a subscription model called Office 365. So that Microsoft can meet the requirements of its various customers, the company is offering a brand-new version of Office, including different types of subscriptions.

The difference between the proposed versions does not lie in the typical applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, or Excel, but the additional functionalities mentioned above and the possibility of integration into a pre-existing IT environment. in the business. The keyword here is Active Directory.

Office 365 has an undeniable advantage: with the subscription, you benefit from a version of Office constantly improved and enriched with new features. Alongside Windows 10, Microsoft continues to expand the Office suite. From Office 365, you can directly download and install updates.

What Sets Microsoft Office 2019 apart from Office 365?

If we compare Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019, it is clear that there are no fundamental differences when it comes to flagship products such as Excel, Word, Outlook, or PowerPoint. Office 365 and Outlook 2019 include, for example, the same new features and the same features. Office 2019 is for companies and users who do not want to connect to a cloud or who no longer want to work with a cloud.

Office 2019 also includes the significant updates that Office 365 users have been able to download each month for the past three years. Typical applications such as Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are included in the program. Mac OS has OneNote. Also, with Windows, you will have Project, Visio, Publisher, and Access. Optionally, OneNote can also be installed by Windows users.

Ultimately, as IT services experts say, the choice between Office 2019 and Office 365 comes down to who uses it, with what features, and with what objectives. The advantages of Office 365 are obvious: first of all, the price for those who use several licenses, but also the storage space of 1 TB / per user on OneDrive and finally the fact that we have at all times the most recent version and the entire Office product line on their computer.

However, contrary to what Microsoft expected, the use of the cloud is slow to become widespread. This is where the advantages of Microsoft Office 2019 become interesting, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers who do not yet use the cloud for financial reasons, obviously, and for a matter of infrastructure.

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