Protect Your Business Against Data Breaches with Los Angeles IT Support

Protect Your Business Against Data Breaches with Los Angeles IT Support

One of the biggest challenges for any business these days is to build a sufficient defense against cybercriminals who target vulnerable companies. The most vulnerable companies are those that rely on old legacy systems, along with businesses that don't use any cybersecurity layers. Here's a look at why outsourcing to Los Angeles IT support professionals helps protect your data.

Protection from Data Breaches

Many businesses have professional Facebook accounts, while countless employees have personal accounts on the social network. In April 2021, a hacker forum released details how Facebook suffered a massive data leak that compromised personal data such as birthdates, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Over 500 million Facebook users were exposed. According to the social media giant, the leak occured in 2019. Facebook account holders can find out if their data was leaked by visiting

Your Los Angeles IT support team can be very valuable to your operation in minimizing downtime by learning your infrastructure, which speeds up diagnosing technical problems. IT specialists keep up to date with cybersecurity news and solutions and are able to block known worms and malware. Experts can advise your staff on how to identify and report suspicious emails, as well as several other protection layers.

IT support can help you set and implement cybersecurity policies, such as which websites the private network can access. Another way an IT team can strengthen your network is to implement two-factor authentication on your email accounts. An example would be answering a security question after entering the password for the login.

This strategy can be implemented on Facebook using a physical security key or an authenticator app such as Authy. Deleting the Facebook app (or the account completely) from smartphones guards against further platform vulnerabilities.

Building Robust Security Layers

The key to reducing cyber threats is to create as many security layers as possible so hackers just give up trying to get through your walls surrounding walls. A strong modern defense begins with basics such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), firewalls, and 24/7 network monitoring software.

An IT support team can further be helpful by establishing a data backup and disaster recovery plan. Every business should know what to do in the event of an emergency. Technicians can help copy your files to multiple locations so you'll always be able to access your critical data even after a power outage.


Turning to Los Angeles IT support is a reliable way to maintain business continuity and protection against hackers. Contact us at Vitalpoints to learn more about how we can make your network more safe and secure.