Los Angeles IT Support: Protect Your Passwords from Hackers

Los Angeles IT Support: Protect Your Passwords from Hackers

Los Angeles IT support experts advise strong password security. This is because most hackers don't favor a brute-force approach to infiltration. They want to simply access your data as you do. The best way to do that is through passwords. So this is often the first approach a hacker who is set on stealing your data will take. Accordingly, you need to have a strong password strategy.

How to Have Strong Password Strategy

IT consulting experts can provide strategies to help you secure passwords which match current threats and are built to anticipate new ones as they develop. A few tactics hackers use that you should specifically defend against include:

Attacks Through Brute Force

Los Angeles IT support providers firstly advise that you should put together passwords that are nigh-impossible to hack through what's known as a "brute force" attack. Certainly, this is a hacker's least preferred method, but many make such lazy passwords that just making educated guesses for an hour or so will break the code.

Look at these commonly-used passwords, and be sure to do better. You need a password with a minimum of eight characters, a capital, a number, and a special symbol.

Various Kinds of Phishing

Phishing attacks use deception to trick people into revealing information that is proprietary, or of a secure kind. An email may come from a "boss". The "boss" email is "yourboss@yourbusiness.com", but the phishing email someone sends will be something like "yorboss@yourbusinss.com". See how subtle that is? The eye scans right over it, and then the hacker has your information.

Social Engineering Hacks

You should educate staff pertaining to phishing as well as social engineering hacks, where people use personal interaction and human nature to trick people into revealing information--as this lady shows at a Vegas expo.

The Right Password Design

Vitalpoints can help you identify and avoid social engineering hacks, phishing, and brute force hacking through more efficient password management strategy as informed by the latest techniques. To learn more about password security, and how to properly exercise it, contact our Los Angeles IT support team.