3 Undeniable Benefits of Cloud Computing and IT Support

3 Undeniable Benefits of Cloud Computing and IT Support

Having IT support is critical for any business that relies on cloud computing. Cloud computing is among the best innovation of all time. It has been received quite well in the mainstream compared to other technologies in the domain due to the growing number of devices that can access the internet.

According to a recent study by the International Data Group, 69% of businesses are maximizing on cloud technology, and 18% plan on implementing it. Cloud computing offers numerous benefits to all companies regardless of their size. Here are three undeniable benefits that cloud computing offers:

1. It Is Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness is among the main benefits of cloud computing. This platform helps businesses maximize their budget more efficiently by only utilizing services that they need to remain competitive in the market.
Not long ago, businesses used to pay huge amounts of money for big servers that used to take a lot of space and consumed more energy. Thanks to cloud computing, enterprises are no longer required to invest in energy or space.

Once you invest in the cloud and IT support services, you will save more money in the long run.

2. Improved Security

Cybercrime has grown to be a significant concern among businesses around the world. In the coming five years, cybercrime cost is expected to grow by 15% annually. Luckily, with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, the cloud can detect suspicious activities and help businesses become proactive and come up with measures to deal with the unauthorized entrance in cloud services.

Other than this, the cloud also offers numerous advanced security features that ensure data is securely and stored well. Features such as granular permissions and access management via federated roles can limit access to sensitive information.

3. Offers Room for Scalability

Businesses that require IT services have different needs. For instance, a company with more than 100 plus employees won’t have the same IT needs as a startup. Maximizing on the cloud is ideal for efficiently scaling up or down, depending on your business needs.

Cloud solutions are, therefore, the best for all businesses with fluctuating or growing demands. As a business owner, if your business demands improvement, you can increase your cloud capacity without investing in any physical infrastructure. With the scalability that cloud computing offers, you can have a real advantage over your competitors.


Cloud computing adoption has increased significantly over the past year. This is because it is cost-effective, offers room for scalability, and improves security. To have a significant advantage over your competitors, partner with us at Vitalpoints for IT support services. Contact us now for more information.