Current Technology Trends to Be Excited and Be Wary Of | Los Angeles IT Services

Current Technology Trends to Be Excited and Be Wary Of | Los Angeles IT Services

With the help of Los Angeles IT services providers, businesses are redefining their operations by adapting to new technology. This is because the world has been witnessing a tremendous digital transformation due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has encouraged speedy automation and digitization.

Most businesses embrace new technologies and change their business models to continue being relevant. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not likely to fade away, and digital advancements are here to stay. To continue being relevant in business, here are tech trends you need to be excited and wary of in this era:

Anywhere Operations

For your business to emerge successfully from COVID-19, an anywhere operation model is critical. This operation model allows your business to be enabled, accessed, and delivered from anywhere. Even though it was a short-term measure, businesses have discovered that employees can work from their homes.

A study by Stanford shows productivity increases by 13% when employees work from home. With nearly all businesses embracing an anywhere operation model, Los Angeles IT services have partnered with companies like Microsoft to help employees maximize their productivity while working from home.

Privacy Enhancing Computation

According to Gartner, PEC has three technological features that protect data while in use:

1. It offers a trusted environment in which sensitive data can be analyzed and processed.
2. It performs analytics and processing in a decentralized manner.
3. It encrypts algorithms and data before processing and analytics.

With PEC, businesses have the perfect platform to securely conduct their operations with competitors and across regions without sacrificing their confidentiality. As mentioned, PEC was perfectly designed to increase the need to share data securely without compromising quality.

Cybersecurity Remains a Priority

With the advancement in technology, don’t give a blind eye to cyber-attack issues. Cyber-attacks have been on the rise ever than before. Criminals are working tirelessly to exploit all the vulnerabilities that the new technologies hold, especially now that people are operating from home.

According to the 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, 41% of businesses have recorded an increase in cyber-attack incidents, mainly from malware attacks and spear-phishing targeting remote workers. Securing networks continues to be a top priority for businesses.


With the rapid improvement in technology, it is wise to keep up with the technology advancements for your business to stay relevant. To achieve this, watch out for cybersecurity issues, embrace PEC, and working from home. Is your business in Los Angeles in need of IT services? If yes, Vitalpoints can help you! Contact us for more info and to learn about our managed IT services.