Los Angeles IT Support Providers Can Help You Avoid Gift Card Scams

Los Angeles IT Support Providers Can Help You Avoid Gift Card Scams

Los Angeles IT support providers can help you identify the latest scams pertaining to computer technology. What many don't realize is that even things as conceptually simple as gift cards can result in scam scenarios.

Common Gift Card Scams

IT companies in Los Angeles offer a variety of consultation advice pertaining to scams related to varying gift cards. The following scams were prevalent through 2018 and 2019, and will likely play a part in 2020 and beyond. Keep on the lookout for new, similar scams such as these:

Strange IRS Calls Demanding Gift Card Payment

Los Angeles IT support experts advise that you should never pay IRS bills with a gift card. This is not a way the IRS collects payment. Many scammers will call people, make them purchase a gift card, then have those who've purchased a gift card give them the information on the card.

It's a sort of direct money-laundering approach. Don't fall for it, don't let your employees fall for it, and if you give out gift cards to customers for your business, you might let them know.

Front-Of-The-Rack Cards Can Be Scammed

Cards should never be purchased from the front of a rack. Scammers grab them, take down the number, place the card at the front of a rack, and when the card is activated, use it to buy things online.

Criminal Cashiers

Cashiers may switch out a card you give them to fill with money for a blank one, then keep what you put on the card for themselves. Be cognizant of this popular scam.

Avoiding Basic Gift Card Scams

Vitalpoints is one of the leading Los Angeles IT support providers that can help you avoid common gift card scams. IRS demands, front-of-rack cards and criminal cashiers represented some of the biggest offenders in the last two years. To learn more about the latest scams and ways to avoid, don't hesitate to reach out to us.