How to Build an Excellent Disaster Recovery Team | IT Services

How to Build an Excellent Disaster Recovery Team | IT Services

Big or small, every business is prone to disasters, from tornadoes and fires to system failures. Is your organization ready to handle the unexpected? Large organizations and companies have plans to deal with search scenarios, but it takes the right team to execute the plan. It all starts with building an excellent team composed of various people within the organization, including experts in IT services. But before we help you build an outstanding disaster recovery team, let’s start by understanding what disaster recovery is.

What’s Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is an all-inclusive plan to ensure business continuity after a disaster like cybersecurity, system failures, natural calamities, among other things. It entails people, techniques, processes, and tools to help a business mitigate losses and continue functioning.

A key aspect of disaster recovery is forming the right team, and this is what this article is all about.

Who Should Be on Your Disaster Recovery Team?

Generally, a disaster recovery team comprises employees within the organization. However, you don’t just pick anyone to be on the team; you need skilled and experienced individuals who are experts in their field. And yes, the team should have a member from every department within the company.

Here’s the lineup!

Disaster Recovery Experts

A disaster recovery consultant should be the first person on your team, especially if you don’t know much about DR. In the team, they will be the disaster recovery coordinator/crisis management coordinator and will be tasked with:
• Initiating recovery plans with the help of the team members
• Oversee data recovery management
• Eliminate factors slowing down the recovery process

This position will fit an IT services manager or someone in a related field.

Critical Business Unit Advisors

Although a disaster recovery team may work without these individuals, they are essential to strengthen the team. Critical business unit advisors will help evaluate and provide accurate input on downtime tolerance.

Multiple employees should occupy this position with expertise in various components of technology.

Business Continuity Experts

This one must have technical IT experience or business function experience. Business continuity experts make sure your business runs even when there’s a disaster.

Some of the roles include:
• Audit strategies for business continuity
• Train staff and management on business continuity processes
• Creating a full-scale business continuity plan
• Ensure that disaster recovery plans conform to the needs of the business.

A public relations manager or a human resource manager will be perfect for this position.

Wrapping up

Every business must be ready to handle disasters at all times, and one way to do so is to form an excellent disaster recovery team. The team should comprise disaster recovery experts, executive leadership, among other people.

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