Designing a Technology Map for Business Growth | Los Angeles IT Support

Los Angeles IT support providers provide solutions to customers specifically because of associated value. Just consider how much money cloud-based decentralized infrastructure with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) protocol could be. Tens of thousands are saved in hardware, hundreds of thousands are saved in tech staff, space rent, travel, and incidentals.

Don’t Lose Your Files; Avoid the KBOT Virus with the Help of IT Services Experts

Malicious KBOT
IT services experts have recently identified a new sort of "smart" virus which relies on antiquated methods of delivery. Many times, delivery of KBOT comes through a website which has been designed for malicious intent. A phishing email will use varying underhanded methods to trick those who have been messaged into clicking on the URL. When they do so, the malicious website then sends malware to the device which accessed it.