Our IT Support Team Can Help Your New Employees Prevent Spear-Phishing Attacks

Our IT Support Team Can Help Your New Employees Prevent Spear-Phishing Attacks

Bringing new hires aboard is necessary for every type of business, regardless of company niche or size. However, the manner in which new employees transition into their role is quite nuanced. Sadly, plenty of “green” new hires fall into traps set by spear phishing attackers. A hacker merely needs to know the new hire’s start date, position, and job location to dramatically hike the chances of a successful phishing attack. Our IT support team can help your new hires prevent such attacks and ensure they enjoy a safe and seamless transition.

Protecting Your New Hires Against Phishing Attacks

The most important thing you can do to guard your new hires against phishing attacks is provide them with security awareness training. This training should extend well beyond the date of hire. However, you might not have the time nor the resources to adequately train your new hires on cybersecurity matters.

Properly trained employees make more informed and prudent decisions in the context of digital security. Ideally, cybersecurity will be ingrained directly into your organization’s culture. This way, your new hires as well as your veteran employees will be that much more aware of spear-phishing attacks.

Spear-phishing attacks are centered on finance, meaning newly-hired employees should be trained in the procedures and processes necessary to complete or change financial transactions. This means your new hires should understand the basics of wire transfers, invoice payments, direct deposits, and so on.

Discourage New Hires from Discussing Their New Job on Social Media

Social media presents digital miscreants with a treasure trove of information about potential targets. If your new hires share information about their new job on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media platforms, they are that much more likely to be targeted in spear-phishing attacks. After all, social media posts about employment reveal the target’s level of authority as well as potential gullibility for exploitation.

Our IT support team can help your new hires understand what type of information should and should not be revealed on social media. Merely adding one’s new job title to a social media profile reveals information pertaining to authority for paying invoices, transferring funds, altering accounts for direct deposits, etc. This is the information spearphishers are interested in when identifying potential targets.

Vitalpoints is at Your Service!

Our IT support team can help you fortify your digital defenses. We have all the digital safeguards necessary to prevent successful phishing attacks, malware, network slowdowns and more. Contact us now to find out more about our tech services.