Music and video technology can enhance any business. From light background music to put shoppers in the mood to buy, to thumping bass to get the dance floor hopping, to a high-definition video display to make your next presentation unforgettable, we can help.



Vitalpoints has a Professional ecosystem enables the installation of audio systems into commercial environments with minimum fuss. Access to streaming services and local and network stored digital content allows for a wide range of material including updates as new services and content become available, leading to future-proofed systems and satisfied customers. Active loudspeakers provide excellent quality with flexible mounting arrangements allowing for optimal positioning and easy installation. These systems can be controlled by computers, mobile devices, with integration into third party control systems or dedicated low-profile attractive wall mounted panels providing for multiple options to satisfy user requirements.


Control Your Business Music

Centrally control audio content through an intuitive software interface to design a space with a single unified ambience or separate unique ambiences. Control zones through purpose built, elegant, unobtrusive, intuitive low-profile wall controllers or mobile devices.


Flexibility and Expandability

Multi-zone systems can be easily setup, configured and controlled, including on-the-fly grouping of zones as needed.The modular nature of these systems allows for easy and cost-effective expansion.



We can mount your TV on just about any surface and conceal cabling where construction allows to give you the best HD viewing experience possible. We install Projectors and Screens, LED/LCD/Plasma HDTV’s, Smart Boards, and Video Conferencing for all commercial business types.