Reduce your PC power consumption

Nowadays, there’s a computer in almost every home and office. A typical desktop that’s switched on 24/7 for a whole year releases carbon dioxide equivalent to what an average car releases in an 820-mile drive. To save energy, you don’t need to make drastic changes. You can start by making small adjustments that will ultimately […]

Increase your organization’s productivity with Workplace Analytics

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a powerful tool that gathers data from Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, gleaning insights about your employees’ performance. This solution provides a better understanding of how every member of your team spends their time at work and helps improve both employee engagement and productivity. How does Workplace […]

How ready is your business for hurricanes?

As hurricanes are a common event in many areas of the United States, business owners must take steps to secure their data. In this blog, we provide steps that will help you quickly recover your data and get back to business following a hurricane. Determine recovery hierarchy Certain parts of your IT system are more […]

How an Expert Los Angeles IT Support Team Raises Ransomware Awareness

Working with a Los Angeles IT support team can help you avoid the common mistakes you can make in trying to tackle cybersecurity issues on your own. Many people assume cyber insurance policy covers all your risks involving cybersecurity breaches. Here's a look at what cyber insurance covers and how IT experts can help you prepare for an attack.

Tips to keep your business data safe

Losing or compromising data can be disastrous for your business. It can lead to reputational damage, costly lawsuits, and termination of contracts, among others. And because threats to data security are always present online, it’s important to implement tough security measures that will keep your business data safe 24/7. Here are some tried-and-tested methods to […]

Stay Safe from the Dark Web; Work with IT Services Professionals

As with any business activity, cybercriminals are engaged in marketing and reducing the operational costs of their ill-intended activities. The dark web is where it all happens, and freelancing is the new modus operandi. Hence, a report from Deloitte shows that attack campaigns are getting increasingly cheap for cybercriminals.