Cloud Solutions

Improve employee productivity and business efficiency

Are you ready to embrace the cloud?

Vitalpoints’ cloud services will completely transform your daily operations for the better. When you migrate to our secure, off-site cloud servers, you’ll be able to access mission-critical documents and applications from anywhere, at anytime. We have our own in-house cloud servers so you can expect the utmost in security and data integrity. Of course if you have your own cloud provider you want to continue to use, we will happily help you integrate them.


Give your teams secure access to corporate files from virtually anywhere, so they can stay productive on the go


Add or remove users whenever you need to accommodate surges or drops in computing resources demand


Better control your IT budget by eliminating the costs of installing and managing expensive hardware

We can take you to the cloud

Migrating your resources to the cloud can be complicated, but with Vitalpoints’ help, we make the whole process easy and painless. You can conduct your daily business operations while we work in the background, setting up your cloud infrastructure and integrating it into your existing systems seamlessly.