Los Angeles IT Services Can Help You Identify and Plan for Cyberattack Stages

Los Angeles IT Services Can Help You Identify and Plan for Cyberattack Stages

Los Angeles IT services providers have been helping many customers overcome issues which pertain to cyberattacks. It's gotten to the point where predictable aspects of such attacks can actually be organized under sections.

Something That Won't Go Away

One of the reasons IT professionals have designed response protocols to cyberattacks and their varying stages is because such attacks are actually part of a market symbiosis. "Black hat" IT is just as big as "white hat" IT. Both generate between $5 and $6 trillion in economic impact yearly. Black hat feeds of white hat tech, and this probably won't ever change. With that in mind, key cyberattack stages you should plan for include:

Monitoring and Reconnaissance of a Network

Working with Los Angeles IT services experts can be a big part in helping you determine if you're under reconnaissance. Essentially, cybercriminals first monitor your network to determine where entryways are and how best to exploit them. Monitoring your network is key in identifying anomalous activity associated with hackers scoping you out.

Gaining Entry and Delivering an Attack

IT providers who provide monitoring options help you determine if hackers have gained entry and are in the process of delivering an attack. Sometimes the way that attack is delivered has a few "markers". Programs may start acting funny, data may be harder to retrieve--sometimes nothing happens, too. Proper support may be the only true means you have of counteracting this.

Exploitation, Control, and Objective Attainment

Once hackers have scoped out and infiltrated a network, they begin to use it as best they can. If possible, they'll seek to control it toward whatever objectives they have. Objectives differ per attack. Sometimes they just want to steal data, sometimes they want to steal money, sometimes they want to crash your network.

Protection Against Cybercrime

A Los Angeles IT services provider like Vitalpoints can help you identify infiltration attacks, as well as what stage of infiltration you're under. Hackers scope you out, get entry, exploit your system, control your network, and seek their objectives. Getting support for all stages of this process through the right tech company is key. Contact us now for more information on protection strategies and ways to identify network infiltration.