IT Support Tips to Help You Solve Common Problems with Windows 10

IT Support Tips to Help You Solve Common Problems with Windows 10

Over one billion users across the world use a device running Windows 10, as it's one of the most popular operating systems. However, problems can often occur while using Windows 10. Having IT support can play a key role in helping your employees overcome any of these issues.

Here's how managed IT services can help your business overcome any problems while using Windows 10:

Startup Speed

A slow startup can happen due to a variety of reasons, whether your computer is infected with malware or you may have too many programs running during the startup process. You can use IT security software to scan your computer for malware and follow the necessary steps to remove any of these malicious files. An IT service provider can help you disable any unnecessary programs running in the background.

Files Opening in the Wrong Location

Problems with your Windows 10 file association can cause files to open in the wrong location. The easiest way to fix this problem is to modify your settings by clicking on the "System" icon and navigating to the "Default Apps." This screen allows you to choose which applications open for each specific PC file.

Web Browsing Problems

Web browsing problems can arise due to numerous reasons. You may need to update your browser or disable add-ons or extensions. Uninstalling and reinstalling your IT security software may also fix this problem. If nothing else works, contacting an IT service provider is a smart option.

Apps No Longer Working

A windows application can often stop working after you are finished installing an update. The easiest way to fix this problem is to uninstall the program and redownload the application. Reaching out to IT support professionals is also a good idea if you are still experiencing any problems with using an application.

Notification Issues

Constantly receiving a constant stream of new notifications can quickly get annoying. Many times, you will miss out on important messages due to all of the excessive notifications. Fortunately, you can easily manage your notification settings by clicking on your system settings to modify the "Notifications & Actions" tab. You can adjust these settings in a variety of ways to ensure you only receive important notifications.

Closing Thoughts

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