Tips from IT Services Experts on How to Safeguard Your Android Device(s)

Tips from IT Services Experts on How to Safeguard Your Android Device(s)

Android devices are subjected to all sorts of digital security risks, including malware that targets mobile devices. However, you have a line of defense in the form of IT services. Here's a quick look at our recommendations to keep your Android device properly protected.

Buy with Prudence

It is in your interest to buy Android devices directly from vendors that provide Android patches in a timely manner. If the handset maker does not provide an Android patch release in a timely manner, do not buy from that group. Furthermore, a vendor that is slow to release such patches will lead to device vulnerability for a window of time that heightens risk all the more.

Download Apps Directly from the Google Play Store

Google Play is the best place to download Android device apps. Third-party sites might provide some useful apps, yet their software has the potential to be laden with nasty codes. Use the Google Play store, read app reviews prior to downloading, and you will rest easy knowing the app in question is safe. If you have any questions about app downloads or Android security, do not hesitate to reach out to IT services experts for assistance.

Update the Apps

Android apps have updates from time to time. App updates enhance security, providing new features in place of those that are outdated. It is possible to update Android apps right away within the Google Play store by clicking Menu, clicking Settings, and clicking Auto-update apps.

Two-factor Authentication

Protecting your Google account is essential to protecting your Android device. Two-factor authentication enhances protection all the more. Here’s how to do it: log into Google, choose Security followed by 2-step verification and Get Started. Continue through the prompts and select the verification codes as desired.

Lock the Device

Ensuring devices are locked adds an additional layer of protection. A specific sequence of letters or numbers is necessary to unlock the device. You can lock your Android device with a personal identification number. Just make sure this number is difficult to guess yet easy enough to remember. Newer Android devices provide an opportunity to unlock the device with facial recognition technology or fingerprint technology.

Consider the Merits of a VPN

If you are connecting to a public wireless internet connection, there is a chance another party will obtain your data as it is in transmission. Opt for a VPN, and it will encrypt data so it will prove illegible in the event that it is stolen. All sorts of helpful no-cost VPNs are available through the Google Play Store.

Vitalpoints Can Help

Our IT services will help protect your computing devices including Android devices, ultimately liberating you to focus on your work. Contact us to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.