Tips from Los Angeles IT Support Professionals on Handling a Cyber Attack

Tips from Los Angeles IT Support Professionals on Handling a Cyber Attack

Los Angeles IT support experts encourage you to ask and answer the question: What will you do when your business experiences a cyber attack? It's going to happen eventually in all likelihood. It's more likely you'll weather the storm of a cyber attack than you won't.

How to Handle Cyber Attack

Los Angeles IT support experts advise several key actions to help you either mitigate or totally avoid the impact from a strong cyber attack.

Isolate the Digital Infection and Let Everyone Know

First, you must determine what's wrong, where files are affected, how they're being affected, and who is going to interact with those files. Notify those individuals of the issue, and assure that the digital infection is properly isolated. Then branch out a notification so everybody in your operation understands what's going on.

Figure Out What Was Stolen, Lost, or Corrupted

IT outsourcing specialists in Los Angeles advise you should know what you're dealing with in terms of data corruption or losses. Sometimes information is copied and stolen, sometimes you can't retrieve it after a loss, sometimes a Trojan is installed in your servers that will replicate later. Consultation and monitoring through working with IT experts can help you determine what's happened and what your best options are here.

Get New Protections, Incorporate Effective Backups

Knowing what was affected and how helps you determine the means by which data compromise transpired, allowing you to institute new protections for such vulnerabilities. Additionally, have at least three separate backups— one located away from your operation, two on-site which are kept on separate media. Establishing such backup solutions is advisable.

Preparing for Cyber Attacks

At Vitalpoints, we can help you institute comprehensive backup solutions to offset the worst-case scenario, determine how to identify losses, and institute protocols for isolation of affected information and notification of personnel. You'll have some sort of cyber attack at some time in all likelihood. Prepare in advance for best security, get in touch with our Los Angeles IT support team for more information.