Benefits of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Using IT Services

Benefits of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Using IT Services

The combination of security-based management strategies and using IT services can strengthen your company's security significantly. Understanding privileged access management (PAM) is one of the keys to limiting the amount of damage that can potentially be caused by a hacker.

PAM Benefits

The most important benefit of PAM for a business is stronger security, minimizing the chance that critical data will be leaked. An IT services provider can oversee your entire network, using 24/7 monitoring software, and help your company implement cybersecurity policies. A PAM strategy involves segmenting business data so that certain segments can only be accessed by specific employees. It encompasses automation that alerts administrators of breaches or network misuse.

Taking control of your infrastructure should be a top concern, and PAM is a step in this direction; it will allow you and your IT team to also have better control of employee accounts and network access. Once PAM is established for your network, disgruntled employees will not be able to unleash worms or other risks to your system.

Mapping Out Company Segments

Deciding which employees are granted access to certain resources should be based on established and understood job roles. A person in marketing may not need access to HR files, just as the HR department may not need access to marketing secrets. It all comes down to how your company is structured, but the more you use PAM, the safer your data will be.

Administrators need to stay updated on regulatory compliance to avoid fines. PAM allows administrators to control resources so they can prevent violations of regulations. A hospital, for example, should only allow limited access to patient medical records. Administrators can also control how third-party software is used.


PAM is an effective solution for a company's administrators to take control of how its network is used by employees. Using PAM along with other IT services ensures regulatory compliance and limits damage from a cyberattack. Vitalpoints is one of the leading IT service companies that can help you with PAM strategies. Contact us now to learn more about how we can protect your data.