Our IT Support Team Highlights Business Cases for the Hybrid Cloud

Our IT Support Team Highlights Business Cases for the Hybrid Cloud

There is plenty of discussion of the private and public cloud in the mainstream media, yet the hybrid cloud is often overlooked. In particular, the hybrid cloud has considerable appeal to private companies for reasons detailed below by our IT support team. In short, business owners and professionals in nearly every field should consider the merits of the hybrid cloud. Do your homework and you will find there are plenty of business cases for the hybrid cloud.

Connect On-site Infrastructure to the Cloud

On-site infrastructure empowers businesses to control their digital security and resources that much more. Businesses that must adhere to compliance standards for data and operations often prefer that their IT remain on-site. Data and applications that exist apart from the regulatory framework have the potential to be offloaded to the cloud. This approach saves money while providing additional flexibility. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to the hybrid cloud and compliance or digital security, do not hesitate to reach out to our IT support team for additional information.

A Comparably Complex Infrastructure On-site and in Multiple Clouds

Oftentimes, several cloud providers in combination with on-site solutions are necessary for comparably complex infrastructures. This approach enhances reliability all the more. As an example, businesses might keep infrastructure that provides the necessary support for a unique legacy application. Legacy systems are maintained yet a different tech stack in the cloud can be developed to help create a seamless segue from the legacy system.

Such a hybrid environment combining the private cloud, public cloud and on-site tech is the practical approach many businesses need to get the most utility out of cloud technology. This approach empowers businesses to move forward with systems they used in the past and also implement new tools while scaling the company and maintaining cost controls.

Going Completely Virtual

Multi-cloud architecture involves the leveraging of services from several cloud providers. Scaling and flexibility are essential public cloud features, especially in the context of resources that do not require the ongoing dedicated infrastructure available through the private cloud. Some businesses might also benefit from the use of advanced features. As an example, cloud bursting is available, helping to mitigate the impact of increased demands for IT resources. Seamlessly transitioning between these environments enhances both companywide continuity and resource availability.

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